Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ca-Shewwwww (pronounced "achoo")!

Most of you know that all of our daughters have very different personalities and each add something very special to our family! Madison's special "gift" happens to be filling our lives with lots of laughs and smiles! I consider her my "precious challenge"! We had an incident today with her that I think somewhat proves this very fact! We had gone to church this morning and were heading to lunch afterwards. All of a sudden Madison just starts screaming and making a very, very strange noise. I looked back and her left eye was red and very watery but I couldn't get her to tell me what had happened. She finally settled down enough to inform me that she had put a cashew up her nose (yes...salted and everything...which explains the red & watery eye)! I unbuckled quickly, climbed back with her and proceeded to hold her other nostril closed while I had her blow out the other side. After many half-hearted blows I finally convinced her she had to blow really, really hard! After 2 big pushes we had it out! The best part...she then told me she wanted to eat it!!! That's Madison for you...never a dull moment! Needless to say I threw the nut out the window never to be seen again! I wish now I would have saved it just to take a picture, but I'm sure we are safer with it gone!


FordeFam said...

Ahhh!!! Hahaha!!! That is such a funny story!!! I once stuck a button up my nose while I was bored waiting for my dad to pick me and my mom and sister up from the mall!!! I was four years old, and we ended up having to go to the emergency room to have them put some very long, pointy, scary tweezers up my little four year old nostril to get it out!!! I have never had the desire to do that again!!! ;) Hopefully this has proved to be the same kind of learning experience!!! :)


I love all the pics and your funny story about Madison! I especially love your family picture b/c that's just how most of them turn out! :) Talk to you real soon!