Sunday, July 1, 2007

Our backyard saga!

I know this isn't real exciting but it represents a lot of hard work so I wanted you to be able to share in the effort! When we moved in our backyard was completely untouched. In order to get grass, we had to clean it out (there were lots of rocks - big and small; twigs, and unwanted trash); have top soil delivered; spread the top soil over the entire backyard; and then have it hydro-seeded. Hydro-seeding is a process where they come and spray your entire backyard with this wet seed-like stuff that will grow into grass into a few weeks! was a lot of hard work and would have been impossible if it hadn't been for Mike & Joyce (the best neighbors ever!) and Jason & Becky! We had to post a few pictures of where it is at now although I could kick myself that I didn't take "before" pics. I'll post some more in a few weeks though with our brand new grass!



That does sound like hard work. Can't wait to see the grass! I love the pictures of Kayak Point! :)

The Michaels said...

Can't wait to see pics later of your back yard - with grass! The pictures of the girls are great.