Saturday, August 25, 2007

HSM 2 Party!!!!

We had a High School Musical 2 party recently when the new movie debuted on the Disney Channel! It was so much fun! We decorated most of the house (downstairs anyway!) and had pizza, cookies and other goodies! We had 18 little girls that came, 1 little boy and several moms (and dads!). Everyone came over an hour and a half before the movie started so we could do karaoke, watch the HSM Concert DVD and play outside. It was a lot of fun and the movie was great!

Some of the girls doing Karaoke

Watching the movie!

Some of the decorations

More Karaoke!


Jessica said...

Hey Girl! It's great to know that you guys had a HSM watch party like we did in Carrollton! I was staying with Lisa while the Claytons took Eric back to A&M...such good times! Praying for you guys!


What a cool idea! Love all the random pictures too. It's good to see that everything is going well. :)