Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our new swingset

We got a new swingset this weekend that the kids have loved. It took a lot of work to put it all together but we finally did it...thanks to the help of Jason and Mike!!! Our kids have played on it almost constantly since we put it up and a bunch of our neighbor friends have been over to play on it as well!

The finished product!

Madison & Rylie both love swinging on the glider!

Madison was enjoying her popsicle while it was dripping down in between the slats to the grass underneath!

Taitlyn, on the other hand, was enjoying Madisons dripping popsicle off the grass!

Sam working on his superhero skills!

Taitlyn helped mommy pick weeds while the big kids played!

This was the first morning after it was finished. The girls couldn't wait to get outside to play on it. And yes...they are in their winter coats! It was about 10:30 when we took these pictures but wasn't even quite 60 degrees yet so it was a bit chilly!


The Granniss Family said...

Hey Amy! That swingset ROCKS! You have to check out our Diego Zip line! Great to see your blog!


FordeFam said...

Wow!!! I'm sure the kiddos have a blast playing on that!!! :) I know ours would!!! :) Blessings!