Monday, August 6, 2007

Swimming Lessons

Rylie, Sam and Madison all took swim lessons together the past 2 weeks. Rylie hasn't been real crazy about "swimming" in previous years so we decided to start her out in the basic class and that just so happened to also be the class Madison was in. It worked out really well because Rylie loved "helping" Madison and Madison loved having Rylie and Sam in her class. By the end of the week Rylie was swimming all over the place and loving it. In fact, she and Sam are taking lessons again this session (2 more weeks) to try to get "caught up" with everyone else! Madison, on the other hand, is taking a break this time! I'm sure she'll love it too someday but she was getting a little tired of swim lessons! Here are some pictures of their class.

Warming up with a little splashing!

Madison wasn't too crazy about all the splashing so she decided to skip that part!

If you look in the far left corner of the pool you can see Rylie and Madison embracing each other in a sweet sister hug!

Rylie swimming!

Madison practicing her back float!


Amy said...

maybe the sweetest thing i've seen this year! wow..they are amazing and so precious! i can't believe how big they all are and how much rylie and madison love on each other (although i'm sure it has it's moments!) how fun! we can't wait to be there and swim with them!!