Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another afternoon at Kayak Point

Kayak Point is a local county park that is quickly becoming one of our favorite places. Not only is it only about 10-15 minutes away but it is absolutely beautiful...anytime of year! The girls get so excited when we go because there is so much to do! Some of our good, good friends (Reid & Amber) are visiting right now and we decided to take them there to experience it all with us!

The park has a play area with a feature that I don't know how describe other than it looks like a giant spider web. It has a large pole in the middle of it and then lots of ropes going all the way down in a tee pee kind of shape. Anyway...Rylie loves to climb all the way to the surprise to those that know her well! Here she is on her way up.

Here is a pic of her at the very top!

Taitlyn on the pier...trying to jump!

Madison getting a ride from daddy!

Taitlyn doing her favorite thing...examining all the wood chips, rocks and dirt! And then...eating them!

We're not sure how but Madison learned recently the meaning of a "thumbs up". She loves using it now for EVERYTHING! We're also working on "Gig'em Aggies!"

Rylie contemplating life on the driftwood. Does this remind you of Tim or what!?!?!