Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas with the Coles

We celebrated Christmas this week with Jason, Becky & Sam! It was so much fun! We all opened gifts from each other and then had dinner. That evening Madison had another "episode". Tim had gotten a big bag of starbucks coffee (ground not whole beans) as his gift. Madison snuck upstairs with it and poured the entire bag out on her carpet in her room!!! I'm trying to figure out how many times this child is going to have get spanked over stuff like this before she learns her lesson!?!?! All of it eventually came up although there is a faint smell of coffee still in the room! I didn't think this episode was nearly as funny as the chocolate cake mix so I didn't take any pictures! Here are some though of our first Christmas together!

Madison & Sam trying to get their gifts open

Sam showing off the transformer he got

Jason trying to "transform" the transformer Sam got!

Taitlyn eating her toy!