Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Madison is 3! Yipee!!!!

Madison turned 3 on Sunday and we celebrated all week long! Since her birthday fell on Sunday this year and since most of the friends she has already come to Bible study we just decided to have a little party for her then. We decorated the house with birthday puppy stuff and then had cake/cupcakes with everyone! She had a great time although she got really shy during the happy birthday song! Unfortunately Madison has not been in a real picuture-taking mood so we haven't been able to get many great shots of her. Here are a few though!

She got to do Build-A-Bear for her birthday. This is after she made her bear and is picking out clothes, etc.

Still trying to decide!

Here is daddy helping get the bear dressed.

Here is the final product...which she named Hannah Montana. And I have no idea what that cheesy grin is for!?!?!?

We have a tradition that we decorate the girls doors the night before their birthday so that when they wake up on the birthday the first thing they see is a little celebration! Here is what Madison's door looked like.

Here is her party. You can see some of the decorations in the background.

Madison not enjoying the birthday song!

Becky cutting the cake...which she made!!!

Opening some gifts!


Amy said...

wow ames!!! i remember meeting that sweet one the day she arrived!!! looks like such a fun time for the bday girl and fam :)

Landon Andrew said...

Your girls are so cute! They grow up so fast, don't they? It's so sad sometimes! :-)

carleigh said...

i love your traditions. the door thing is cool- you should post more ideas for us new moms!!