Monday, March 24, 2008

Incredible Words

I am not big on blogging about my thoughts, feelings, etc. simply because the main purpose of my blog is to update family and friends on what is going in our life. Somehow the whole idea of keeping a "diary" for the whole world to see online doesn't settle well with me. Plus, I really don't believe many, if any out there really care to know how I really feel about life! :) Anyway...I read this quote last night that really impacted me and decided to share it. It is a quote from Lilias Trotter, a woman who was a missionary to North Africa from 1888 to 1928. I found it in a book I am reading through written by Noel Piper. This is the quote:

"How many of us have said and sung with all our hearts "Anywhere with Jesus," but at the same time we did not realize all that it meant for us. Indeed at home, and surrounded by all that home means, we could not know. When the test comes we must not forget that "anywhere" means for missionaries something different from life in England [where she was originally from], and let us take very good care not to make a misery of anything that "anywhere" brings us.

To us in Algeria it must mean sometime or other, Arab food. Do we object to it? And mice, do we mind them? And mosquitoes, do we think them dreadful? In some parts it means close contact with dirt and repulsive disease. Yet if Jesus is there, what have we possibly to complain of? It means living among a stiff-necked and untrue people and struggling with a strange and difficult language. And yet let us evermore write over all our miseries, big, and for the most part very little, these transforming words "With Jesus." And then the very breath of Heaven will breathe upon our whole being and we shall be glad."

She and the woman who served with her had a threefold prayer for the area they were in: that doors might be opened, that hearts might be opened, and that the heavens might be opened. How powerful! If only we all had that prayer for the areas we lived and served in!


Vicki Miller said...


I have been reading your blog for some time now. I enjoy see what the girls are doing and oh,how they are growing and changing. But tonight as I read this entry, tears came to my eyes as you shared your incredible feelings about such incredible words. Thank you for sharing! Sometimes we need to see your heart so we know how to pray!

Hoping to come with Amber and Reid,

Vicki Miller

Pautlitz Blog said...

Wow Amy,
Thank you for sharing.

Phillips said...

Great quote!! Puts everything in perspective. I'm glad you shared.