Monday, June 30, 2008

Block Party - Part 2

We had our 2nd block party last night and it went great! We really don't know how many people came because it was impossible to count but we think we had at least 100! Here are some of the great pics!

The best interns ever!!!!

Dance Recital

Rylie had her 2nd dance recital this past weekend. She danced both recitals this time so it was a very long day but we had lots of fun. She loved her dance (to Hannah Montana's "Nobody's Perfect") and of course she LOVES having her hair and makeup done. This year a friend of ours did her hair and makeup which was even more special because it wasn't mommy this time!

Kayak year later!

We have begun our summer visits to Kayak of all our all-time favorite places here. We went recently and the weather was beautiful! It was warm enough that the girls actually played in the water you'll see...Taitlyn even stripped down to diaper only! We can't wait to go again and again this summer. Plus, it's fun to look at our pictures at Kayak Point from last summer and see how much the girls have changed!

Friday, June 27, 2008

First of many....

We have lots (and lots) of block parties planned this summer around our community. We had the first one a few weeks ago and, even though it was June, it was very cold & rainy outside. That didn't stop the party though! We all had a great time and it was a wonderful way to kick of our churches 90 days till launch!

The obstacle course inflatable

Tim doing something?!?! and Jay doing his "Jay" pose as we have named it!

The super slide inflatable

Rylie getting ready to race through the obstacle course

We had popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones!

Taitlyn having a special moment with Matt

Jen was the cotton candy queen

Taitlyn enjoying some of Jen's cotton candy!

Brienna is probably going to kill me for putting this pic up but I love it! She was trying to demonstrate how cold it was outside by showing steam coming out her mouth. The camera didn't pick up the "steam" though so it just looks like she's making a crazy face!

Kindergarten graduation

I cannot believe it still, but my "baby" has already finished kindergarten! Though there were some ups and downs during the year, including the death of Rylie's first teacher, it overall was a terrific year! Here are some pictures of her kindergarten graduation and end-of-the-year party.

Rylie and her second teacher, Mrs. Hookland, who did an amazing job stepping in midway through the year.

Rylie's entire class with the hats they made and their "diplomas"!

First NW camping trip

We had our first camping trip since moving to the pacific NW and the Coles came with us! It was an adventure to say the least. We did it the last weekend in May which you would think would mean decent weather. It was quite chilly though! In fact, Taitlyn ended up with pneumonia the next week! :) It was lots of fun though and we are all looking forward to doing it again warmer weather!

Snack time!

Becky at the top of the spider web

Tim cooking our dinner

Jason had fire duty

Little drummer girls

Daddy pulled his drums out one night and the girls had a blast. I'm not sure who had the most rhythm but it was lots of fun to play!

End of the year field trip

Rylie went to the Seattle aquarium with her school for their end-of-the-year trip. We had a great time! There are lots of hands-on activities which she loved!

Rylie as a giant jellyfish!

Rylie and some of her friends standing near the ottter tank (I think!?!?)

More friends at the tide pool

They had lots of sea creatures you could touch including starfish & sea cucumbers

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

Daddy (Tim!) celebrated his birthday in April. The girls and I decided to make him a cake and, of course, they wanted to be in charge of decorating it! Let me tell was one of a kind! We actually ended up getting the wrong number candles also (long story) so we just put them on the cake anyway. I won't tell you his real age!

All in the Family

My parents and nanaw were able to come up in May (I know...a little late) and we had a wonderful visit. The weather wasn't great while they were here but we were able to get out a little and visit some of our favorite spots. Here are some of the pictures from their trip.

All of us "hunting" for crabs

Some of the "girls" on a giant seesaw

We went to one of our local fruit stands and Taitlyn was very curious