Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday drive

Yesterday (Sunday) we decided we really needed a "family fun" day! So we headed north to Lynden for their annual Raspberry festival. We got all the way up there and found out that the festival was Friday & Saturday only!!!! Instead of panicking though and getting completely frustrated with one another that we didn't check before we left :) we went to plan B which I have to say made for an incredible day! We quickly called our emergency travel planner (Lindsay!) who is very familiar with that area and got directions to Birch Bay.

It was beautiful and the girls had so much fun. Actually I should say Rylie & Madison had so much fun. Taitlyn would not even put her feet down in the sand or the water which is a little surprising because she is usually our little adventurer. Anyway...the big girls had lots of fun playing in the sand and wading through the water. There was also a little arts & crafts fair across the street that we strolled through for a little while.

We then called Lindsay again :) and got instructions on taking Chuckanut Dr.! This is a must-drive for anyone living in the Seattle area. The views are absolutely amazing! We made several stops along the way, played a little and took lots of pictures!

We ended the day with dinner at Denny's! Daddy was very excited! It turned out to be a great day!

The big girls walking towards the beach

Taitlyn decided to try eating the flowers! She is very into eating naturally!

The first picture of the girls being sweet & smiling!

Then we asked them to make silly faces. Madison went to town. Rylie looked at her like she was crazy and Taitlyn smiled for the first time!

This was one of the amazing views from Chuckanut Dr.


bpelf said...

oh my love the picture of Rylie and Madison on the beach (the full body shot)!!!!! So cute! Very professional looking!
Did yall get a new camera? Your pics are awesome!

Vicki Miller said...

When can I come back? Thanks for including so many pics of the girls! I really miss them! Looks like you have more time to blog! Oops! Sorry Tim for asking Amy to post more so I can keep up with the girls.

Phillips said...

Love the funny one of Madison. I have the same question as Pelf--New camera? The pics look clearer-they're great!

FalkFamily said...

I am so happy I could be of service :) The pics of the girls are absolutely fabulous! I'm so glad you had a great day! P.S. I think I need a new camera - those pictures are so clear.


Those are GREAT pictures! What camera do you use? And it seems like Taitlyn's hair has grown several inches since I last saw her. So cute! You'll have to share how you changed your blog - I've tried to put a picture at the top like that with no luck. But I'm not very tech-savvy... :)