Saturday, July 19, 2008

Taitlyn is 2!!!!!

My baby just turned 2!!!! I know we say this all the time, but I seriously cannot believe it! Her actual birthday was the 13th but since we were finishing Sports Camp then and it was also the same day as our Preview Service we decided to postpone her party...especially since she didn't know one way or another! We had a little family celebration on the 13th but we had her party today. We just had several families (who we love so much!) come over to celebrate with us! It was lots of fun!

For our family celebration, we had an ice cream cake. It was so frozen it was hard to get a piece!

If all else fails, just eat the whole thing!

Madison (aka Little Helper) making sure Taitlyn got all the help she needed

Taitlyn followed in the tradition of the other Corbin girls and did not enjoy everyone singing Happy Birthday to her!


Vicki Miller said...

Oh, my! How I miss those girls! We really connected last week and I was so truly blessed. Thank you for letting me serve in that way!

Love to all!


FalkFamily said...

The second to last picture of her is beautiful. You should print it in black and white. We love you guys, too :)

Amy said...

holycow! how has it been 2 years already!? i think i age 10years for each of their 1!! :) she's so amazing, ames....the perfect little cherry on top of the corbin crew! He really does always know what we need!! i love watching her sweet little personality shine :)