Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Commons Videos

A friend of ours (Cham) came up recently to spend a couple of weeks making some videos for the church. It was an incredible visit overall and the videos he has finished so far have been amazing. We wanted to share them with you! He has posted them on and here are the links:


Amy said...

wow, these totally kick butt! :) he did an awesome job of portraying who you guys are, what your heart is! :) sooo wish we could be up there working with you!

dcarp07 said...

I really enjoyed the videos. Dad thinks Cham should be a professional photograher!! And...I completely missed the camping pics somehow. ??? Dad mentioned them and I hadn't even seen them. I guess I didn't scroll down far enough after I viewed Madison's first day at school pics. Anyway....great shots of some great fun !!! Can't wait to be there !!!!!