Sunday, March 14, 2010

Christmas 09

We had a great Christmas this year! Thankfully we didn't have as much snow as we did last year! We had so much fun spending time together as a family and enjoying a little quiet time!

A friend of ours took this picture of the girls!

Christmas Eve...I don't do "matching" very often, if ever, but we do have a Christmas tradition where the girls all get Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve.

More sisterly love! Mommy loves this!

I have to make a note in this picture...Madison always carries Chester around like this! This wasn't just a pose for the picture. He just lets her carry him around like a baby. It is so cute!

Our Santa picture this year! And once again...we didn't disappoint! Madison was so excited about it until it was our turn. The only way we could get her in the picture was for me to get in with her. Yay! (Can you hear my sarcasm?) :)


Pautlitz Blog said...

Love all the photos, My favorite is the one where Maddison is holding the dog.

Brittany said...

your blog is majorly lacking, but this is a step in the right direction.
That picture with Madison holding that dog is hilarious! But yet, not surprising! haha!