Monday, May 31, 2010

Jumping for Joy

I have 3 very excited little girls...because of this...

The Corbin family (Grandma & Grandpa, Nanny, Aunt Stephanie & Uncle Steve, and Aunt Natalie & Uncle Bryan) gave the girls a trampoline for their birthdays this year. It has been raining since we got it though and just got to put it up yesterday. It was like Christmas morning this morning! Rylie got up at 6:00 am ready to jump! Thank you guys!!!!!

Fun with Grandma & Grandpa

Grandma & Grandpa have been here visiting and we have had so much fun! We didn't get pictures of everything we have done but here are a few to share! For some reason it is not letting me move the pictures around so they are all a little out of order but you'll get the idea! :)

We went to the nail salon and had mani's & pedi's.

Rylie getting her nails done.

Taitlyn taking a water break!

Tait getting her nails done

The girls standing in front of their new trampoline!

Daddy & Grandpa putting the finishing touches on it!

The girls were being such big helpers!

And back to nails...this time Madison getting her fingers done.

I had to put this one on here because we don't always get Madison smiling in pictures!
Rylie getting her toes done!

Amarillo by mornin...

For Spring Break this year we traveled to Amarillo, TX where my parents and grandparents live. We had so much fun and stayed so busy! Here are a few pics of our time there.

There are horses like this all over Amarillo and each one is painted differently. This one is in front of the retirement home where my grandparents live.

We went to a Bounce House place there and had so much fun!

Daddy & Madison flying down the slide

My mom, my Nanaw and my 2 Great Aunts, Poodle & Zanelle

Papa and Tait

Rylie chillin on the swing with Nanaw & Zanelle

I have the greatest Great Aunts ever! They are so fun and we laugh constantly when we are together. They are trying to put a puzzle together with the girls here!

We went to Palo Duro Canyons for a day and had so much fun! This is Rylie in one of the caves.

We hiked up to this cave!

This is a shot of the cave we hiked up to. It is the dark area on the right. To all of our WA friends...yes the dirt really is red like that! :)

Taitlyn playing in the stream and, once again...notice the red dirt and red water!

Rylie playing in the stream

And Madison in the stream!

Palo Duro Canyon Ampitheater. This is one of the first places I ever sang...when I was 4 years old!

More pictures of the landscape...especially for all our WA friends. This is the closest we get to a mountain in Texas. It is more like a small hill! :)

Rylie relaxing with Ben

This is Cadillac Ranch. Basically a very wealthy man decided it would be fun to bury 10 Cadillacs in the ground many years ago. Since then it has become a major tourist stop. You can walk right up to them and spray paint them any way you want.

Madison and Tait inside one of the cars.

All 3 girls with the line of cars behind them

Sunday, May 30, 2010

End of the year for some of us

Madison & Taitlyn had their last day of preschool this past week. Rylie still has a few weeks to go but the little girls are officially beginning their summer break...although with the weather here lately you would never know we are close to summer. Oh well! Madison was in Pre-K this year and had a great year. I am so thankful for her teachers. She has grown so much over the past 2 years with them and I am confident she is ready for big K next year! Taitlyn didn't start out this year going to school. In January we began looking for a preschool for her for next year because the one that Madison has gone to the past 2 years is closing. :( When we finally found one (and I do mean took a long time) we registered her for next year but they also had one opening for her age group for this year. So, we decided it was the right timing for her too. She was very hesitant at first but ended up absolutely loving it! I am so thankful for her teachers as well. They were the perfect match for her and I know they made the transition into preschool so much easier!

I don't have any pics of Taitlyn's school and she did not want me taking one on the last day. I do have some of Madison though! On her last day, her teachers gave us a cd of pictures they had taken throughout the year. It was so fun getting the pictures and seeing her playing with all her friends and doing projects. I had to share some!

Playing at the Play-Dough table

Getting her foot painted for their penguin project. They turned out SO cute!

Painting her Dinosaur egg :)

In the "reading" center with one of her good friends.

Showing off her kite! They had to make a pattern out of tissue paper. Can you tell Madison is her father's child? Her's is very precise and very structured! :)

Madison with her Scarecrow

With a friend showing off their noodle necklaces

Sitting at the table playing with friends. This picture is huge because this is what they did every day when we dropped them off. Madison was always hesitant to leave us though and never wanted to go sit at the table and play. Her teachers kept telling us that as soon as we left she would so now we have proof!

Making her "leaf person". She ended up making Chester. :)

Sitting outside eating a "birthday cookie" to celebrate one of her friend's birthday!

Watering her grass

Playing in one of the Centers