Monday, May 31, 2010

Amarillo by mornin...

For Spring Break this year we traveled to Amarillo, TX where my parents and grandparents live. We had so much fun and stayed so busy! Here are a few pics of our time there.

There are horses like this all over Amarillo and each one is painted differently. This one is in front of the retirement home where my grandparents live.

We went to a Bounce House place there and had so much fun!

Daddy & Madison flying down the slide

My mom, my Nanaw and my 2 Great Aunts, Poodle & Zanelle

Papa and Tait

Rylie chillin on the swing with Nanaw & Zanelle

I have the greatest Great Aunts ever! They are so fun and we laugh constantly when we are together. They are trying to put a puzzle together with the girls here!

We went to Palo Duro Canyons for a day and had so much fun! This is Rylie in one of the caves.

We hiked up to this cave!

This is a shot of the cave we hiked up to. It is the dark area on the right. To all of our WA friends...yes the dirt really is red like that! :)

Taitlyn playing in the stream and, once again...notice the red dirt and red water!

Rylie playing in the stream

And Madison in the stream!

Palo Duro Canyon Ampitheater. This is one of the first places I ever sang...when I was 4 years old!

More pictures of the landscape...especially for all our WA friends. This is the closest we get to a mountain in Texas. It is more like a small hill! :)

Rylie relaxing with Ben

This is Cadillac Ranch. Basically a very wealthy man decided it would be fun to bury 10 Cadillacs in the ground many years ago. Since then it has become a major tourist stop. You can walk right up to them and spray paint them any way you want.

Madison and Tait inside one of the cars.

All 3 girls with the line of cars behind them


Pautlitz Blog said...

great pictures. We will have to take a trip there, it seems there is so much more to do there than in Fort Worth.

Jen said...

Those are great! You guys did so much in a short amount of time. I am still so sad we missed out.