Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cama Beach Vaca

At the end of June we took a short family vacation to Cama Beach. It was so much fun and very relaxing! There are lots of little cabins that sit right on the beach so we could literally watch the girls play from the front porch of our cabin! The first day was a little chilly but after that the weather was beautiful and the girls loved swimming in the water even though it was freezing!

One angle of the inside of the cabin. There was a little room where all 3 girls shared the same bed! They loved it!

Another angle of the inside. This is the kitcen area and then bathroom at the very back.

The row of cabins

Our cabin...number 36!

Madison holding a crab she found...and yes it was already dead!

One night this little seal came and played right outside our cabin. It was so fun to watch!

The girls braving the water for the first time

Madison's "this is cold" face!

Taitlyn braving the water

Rylie's "this is cold" face!

Relaxing afternoon

The girls pretended to be taking a nap! Let me assure it did not actually happen!

There was also a little playground where this boat/sandbox was! It was so cute that I told Tim he needed to build us one at home!


Jen said...

what fun - you guys always manage to give your girls so many different and fun experiences!!