Saturday, July 24, 2010

Miss Strong-willed finally gave in

Madison is definitely our strongest-willed child and although it absolutely drives me crazy sometime I realize that in life, in the long run, it will probably help her get through many tough times. I always tell Tim that she will probably be our child that does the most for the Lord someday with that determination! Anyway...I have known she was "ready" to ride her bike without training wills for sometime now but trying to get her to believe that was another story! She would try for about 5 minutes and then give up...and there was no convincing her that she should try again! Our neighbor, who she loves, even tried to help one night but no...not the right timing. Anyway...the other night we decided to try it again and for some reason it worked this time! In about 5 minutes she had it down and she hasn't wanted to stop riding since!

Our very proud girl!

Standing next to her "2-wheel" bike