Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Hiney Ache?!?!?

I had to post this hilarious conversation Rylie & Madison had in the car yesterday! Here is how it went:

Madison: "Mommy my head hurts."
Rylie: "That means you have a headache."
Madison: "No it doesn't! I don't have a headache. My head just hurts."
Mommy then explains that that is what a headache means. That if something "aches" it means it hurts.
Rylie: "Yeah, like a headache or a tummy ache or a back ache."
Madison: "Or a hiney ache!"
Rylie: "Um...Madison that is actually called diarrhea!"

I laughed so hard!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Stevens Pass & Lake Wenatchee

We had a family day this past weekend and took advantage of a beautiful, sunny day! We drove up to Stevens Pass and let the girls play in the snow first. There wasn't much snow yet but they still loved it. I guess it doesn't have to be much to impress 3 little girls from Texas! Then after that, we drove down to Lake Wenatchee. I got to visit this area about a month ago on a Ladies Retreat we had and wanted Tim to see how beautiful it was as well. We all had so much fun and were very thankful for the beautiful day we had to enjoy it all!

View from the road as we began our trip

Starting to see some snow

We are finally there...4061 feet up!

Getting all bundled up!

The girls were playing "Follow the Leader" up to the snow!

Taitlyn laughing at mommy...for some reason!?!?!

Lake Wenatchee...although this picture doesn't do it justice. It is amazing how beautiful it is!

Madison providing a little comedy for us!

Taitlyn was refusing to look at the camera!

More Halloween fun!

I just realized we had a few more pictures from Halloween that I hadn't posted.

We made caramel apples with Halloween sprinkles! Here is Taitlyn enjoying hers!

Rylie enjoying hers!

Madison enjoying hers!

Carving our pumpkin together

The finished product! We let hte girls draw the facial features. Rylie did the mouth and Madison did the nose which explains why it is huge! She was proud of it though!

The girls with Katie at Rylie's Harvest Party at school.

Taitlyn trying to tell us that her hands are sticky from cotton candy at the Harvest party!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sweet girls

I found these random pictures on our computer tonight as I was looking for our Halloween pics! I'm not even really sure when Tim took them but I thought they were too sweet to pass up!

Trick or Treat!

Here are some pics of the girls from Halloween this year. Rylie's school had a Harvest Party last Friday night that we went to and then we went trick-or-treating last night! Actually, Rylie & Madison went with mommy and Tait stayed home with Daddy to hand out candy...which she thought was incredibly fun! Rylie was an "elegant witch", Madison was SuperGirl and Taitlyn was a kitty cat!

All of the pictures above were from the Harvest Party night and then the one below is from Halloween night before we went trick-or-treating!