Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School finally arrived...the first day of school! Rylie is in 3rd grade this year, Madison is starting Kindergarten and Tait will be in pre-K! Taitlyn doesn't start until next week but the big girls started today! They were too excited to take many pictures but here are a few we got!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Day in Seattle

Last week we took the girls to Seattle for the day and had so much fun! We went to REI (of course because this is daddy's toy store!), Kerry Park, Ballard Locks and Green Lake. It was a beautiful day!

At Kerry Park

Madison making her silly face while Rylie looks at her like she is crazy. And then there is her own little world!

I love this one!

Seattle (from Kerry Park)!

If you look really closely you can see Mt. Rainer in the background. In this picture it looks like it is floating above Seattle!

Playing on this spinning thing at Kerry Park. They loved it!

Tait watching the girls get sick on the spinning thing! :)

Another spinning toy!

Madison chilling out!

Rylie and her new glasses!

Daddy & Madison at the Ballard Locks

Tait being silly

Tait trying on Rylie's glasses

And Madison trying on the glasses!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"You're Almost There"

Yesterday we took a "Ladies Hike" up Pilchuck Mountain! It totally kicked my butt...but it was amazing! I can't remember exactly but I think the elevation was around 5,000 ft and the views were indescribable. Tim has hiked this one several times so I have seen his pictures but now I can totally admit that the pictures do not do it justice!

There were only 4 of us that went and we had such a great time...great converstion, lots of laughter, even some tears, special memories and new friendships! So thankful for what God does in my life including special times like yesterday!

Here we are! I think this is about half-way up although I feel like people said "You're Almost There" knowing they were lying to us! :)

Finally at the top!

I am laughing in the face of this mountain that thought it could conquer us! :)

Kathy...enjoying the fact that it's all downhill from here!

I am Kathy...hear me roar!

This is our dear friend Robin (or Penny Parker!) who is extremely scared of joke! Unfortunately for her she is also extremely competitive. :) So, when the rest of us decided to go up into the lookout she had to do it too. Then when the rest of us climbed out of the lookout and over to the infamous "rock" she had to too! This is her trying to convince herself to step out of the lookout!

This is her half-way to the "rock"...clinging to everything she can!

She finally made it! It was amazing to watch her conquer her fear...although I'm pretty sure she'll never do it again! :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Taitlyn's 4th Birthday

Our baby just turned 4...I know...crazy! Her actual birthday was last week during Sports Camp so we waited until this week to have her party. She wanted a Princess and the Frog party this year at our house! It was lots of fun and the weather turned out to be beautiful! Happy 4th Birthday Tait!

We decorated with lots of inflatable frogs and instead of party hats, we had Mardi Gras masks which you can see on the right side of the table!

Since Princess and the Frog stuff is all purple and green we turned the water in our green pool purple! It looks kind of blue in this picture but it was much more purple in real life.

Lots of fun in the pool!

We turned the sprinkler on under the trampoline for even more fun!

The cake turned out really cute even if they mispelled her name! :( I didn't even notice it either until someone said something!

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

Tait didn't want anyone to sing "Happy Birthday" or even say it out loud. So...we all got creative and did the deaf clap for her instead! Here are all the adults "clapping" for her!

Enjoying her birthday cake

Some of our sweet little friends really enjoying the cake too! So cute!

Gift time!

Miss Strong-willed finally gave in

Madison is definitely our strongest-willed child and although it absolutely drives me crazy sometime I realize that in life, in the long run, it will probably help her get through many tough times. I always tell Tim that she will probably be our child that does the most for the Lord someday with that determination! Anyway...I have known she was "ready" to ride her bike without training wills for sometime now but trying to get her to believe that was another story! She would try for about 5 minutes and then give up...and there was no convincing her that she should try again! Our neighbor, who she loves, even tried to help one night but no...not the right timing. Anyway...the other night we decided to try it again and for some reason it worked this time! In about 5 minutes she had it down and she hasn't wanted to stop riding since!

Our very proud girl!

Standing next to her "2-wheel" bike

Cama Beach Vaca

At the end of June we took a short family vacation to Cama Beach. It was so much fun and very relaxing! There are lots of little cabins that sit right on the beach so we could literally watch the girls play from the front porch of our cabin! The first day was a little chilly but after that the weather was beautiful and the girls loved swimming in the water even though it was freezing!

One angle of the inside of the cabin. There was a little room where all 3 girls shared the same bed! They loved it!

Another angle of the inside. This is the kitcen area and then bathroom at the very back.

The row of cabins

Our cabin...number 36!

Madison holding a crab she found...and yes it was already dead!

One night this little seal came and played right outside our cabin. It was so fun to watch!

The girls braving the water for the first time

Madison's "this is cold" face!

Taitlyn braving the water

Rylie's "this is cold" face!

Relaxing afternoon

The girls pretended to be taking a nap! Let me assure it did not actually happen!

There was also a little playground where this boat/sandbox was! It was so cute that I told Tim he needed to build us one at home!