Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Day in Seattle

Last week we took the girls to Seattle for the day and had so much fun! We went to REI (of course because this is daddy's toy store!), Kerry Park, Ballard Locks and Green Lake. It was a beautiful day!

At Kerry Park

Madison making her silly face while Rylie looks at her like she is crazy. And then there is her own little world!

I love this one!

Seattle (from Kerry Park)!

If you look really closely you can see Mt. Rainer in the background. In this picture it looks like it is floating above Seattle!

Playing on this spinning thing at Kerry Park. They loved it!

Tait watching the girls get sick on the spinning thing! :)

Another spinning toy!

Madison chilling out!

Rylie and her new glasses!

Daddy & Madison at the Ballard Locks

Tait being silly

Tait trying on Rylie's glasses

And Madison trying on the glasses!