Monday, August 31, 2009

August Fun

We have had a great summer...filled with lots and lots of fun stuff! We started the month off by taking a trip to Idaho to visit Silverwood Amusement Park! It is a great theme park that has both a water park and amusement park. We had so much fun but didn't get a lot of pictures...we were too busy having fun! Here are a few...

Tait is such a big girl now! She insisted on riding all by herself!

If you look closely you can see Madison & Rylie in the blue helicopter.

The giant ferris wheel we waited forever to ride! I have to admit it was scarier than I expected it to be!

This was taken at the very end of the night. Tait was exhausted by this point!

After we got back from Silverwood, Mimi & Papa came into town! We loved getting to see them! The only problem was that while we were at Silverwood a stomach bug started making it's way through our family so the girls were literally sick the entire time Mimi & Papa were here. It was still fun just hanging out with them!

After Mimi & Papa left, the girls and I had a little "girl" time while daddy went on his first overnight hike with Cham. To keep our minds off the fact that daddy was camping in the wilderness with bears, cougars, etc. we made a beautiful rainbow cake! :) It was lots of fun making it and it turned out great. In fact, Tim is incredibly picky about his white cake and this one ended up being one of his very favorites! And get this, the only thing we did (before coloring the batter at least) was add one can of sprite to one box of white cake mix! Who knew!?!?!? I wish I had taken pictures of the process but my hands were a little busy. Here is the end result...

Plain white cake on the outside...

Party on the inside!!!!!

Individual slice

The girls posing with their masterpiece!

Silly picture!

We also set our tent up in the backyard and had some fun girl camping time!

Cassie & Clint

This year we had lots of incredible volunteers come up to help with Sports Camp. Two of those volunteers, Cassie & Clint, came from Alabama. For those of you who know Brittany Pelfrey...Cassie is her younger sister! night when she was here, she got some really cute pictures of the girls so I wanted to share them! The girls LOVED having Cassie here so hopefully she will get to come back soon! :)