Saturday, February 23, 2008

Playing catch up

I haven't posted much since Rylie's b-day party because it just seems like things have been crazy around here! The day after her party was superbowl Sunday. We decided this year that we were going to let the true game-watchers have the house to watch the game and those of us who either didn't want to watch the game or have small children and can't watch the game :) went to Jungle Playland. It is a local indoor play area that the kids love! For some reason I didn't get many pictures of Madison that day but, if my memory is correct, it is because she was in her "don't even think about taking a picture of me" moods! :) Rylie & Madison both had a great time! I was a little surprised at how well Taitlyn did. It's a pretty big play area and she just tackled it all like she was one of the big kids! I guess I shouldn't be too surprised though...I do occasionally have to remind her that she is not 5!

Here is Taitlyn with of her favorite people in the world! In fact, she won't say "momma" or "mimi" yet but she'll say "becky"!

Here is Taitlyn working her way up with the big kids!


She had so much fun going through all the mazes and obstacles

Rylie and to save the day!