Saturday, June 9, 2007

Kayak Point Park

We have been so blessed to have incredible neighbors! They have both grown up in this area so they know all the fun places to go. This past Friday night they took us to a local park called Kayak Point. It has a great play area but they also have phenomenal picnic areas right at the "beach". We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and just played. One of the highlights of the night was hunting for crabs. There were a ton of "baby" crabs under the rocks. You could even pick them up and hold them. It was a ton of fun and absolutely beautiful!

Daddy & Rylie (He had to pay her $1 to take this picture!)

Daddy & Taitlyn on the beach

Madison trying to hold a kept running off her hand!

Taitlyn really enjoyed sampling all the new, driftwood, dirt, etc.

Madison throwing rocks into the water

Around the campfire...toasting marshmallows. Our neighbors are the ones in sunglasses and the other man is a friend of theirs. He and his daughter went with us.

Rylie holding a crab!!!!

Taitlyn...looking cute!

Rylie and Katie (our neighbor) walking to the water


3fishies said...

Awesome! It sounds like the 'great adventure' has been going GREAT!! So happy for the Corbin Family!

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you are getting to see and explore so much! I'm praying for you all and hope there are great relationships made this week! Love ya'll and miss ya'll!