Monday, June 11, 2007

Mount Ranier

We took our first trip to Mount Ranier today and it was amazing! It was a little chilly (about 55 at the bottom of the mountain and 41 at the top) but we had a great time. We took a picnic with us and tried to eat it outside although the girls pretty much ate theirs in the van. We stopped and looked at things on the way to the top and then played in the snow when we got to Paradise Point (the highest point you can drive to). It even snowed while we were up there a little. It was a great day for our family but also an incredible reminder of what a marvelous God we serve!
Rylie and Madison playing in the snow!!!!

Taitlyn eating the snow!

A glimpse of the peak...this is about as close as we got!

One of the waterfalls we visited

If you look real close you can see a deer. It was one of many that we saw!

Daddy and his girls!

One of the many amazing views


FordeFam said...

Wow!!! This is beautiful!!! Funny that you guys haven't had much rain and we have been having floods and TONS of rain!!! Glad you all are adjusting well to everything!!! I'm so glad that you mentioned your blogspot in your newsletter!!! :) Blessings to you all!!!