Saturday, August 25, 2007

Random Pictures

I was looking through all of our pictures today and realized I had a lot of "random" ones that didn't go with any of our other blogs! I figured I would just put some of them on even though they don't go together! Plus, we have updated Rylie's blog some so you'll have to check it out.

Taitlyn loves curling up in a little ball in her swing and Rylie loves to push!

Madison has become my little "baker" this summer. She loves helping me make cookies...especially licking the mixers after we're done!

Taitlyn being happy!

Madison is a great tongue curler and she LOVES taking pictures of it.

Rylie and some of our neighborhood friends playing dress up. Somehow we conviced her to let us take a picture of her!


FordeFam said...

Love these!!! I really like the tongue curling picture!!! Very cute!!! :)